Italian Apartment Exhibition

Italian Apartment Exhibition

Exhibition design for 100% Design Shanghai

Category: Environmental 

During the 100% Design Shanghai “3rd Floor public relations” presents the 3rd edition of “Italian Apartment”, an exhibition designed for the first time by, that seeks to introduce the excellence of top Italian Design and lifestyle brands to the Chinese Caiola+Polga / Sir Albert & Mr.Simon market. The concept comes from the idea that the Italian house is made up of people and objects; “Beautiful” objects that follow us from house to house. We believe that the “box” well represents this idea of movement/relocation, that we all experience many times in our own lives. We decided to recreate an imaginary landscape with these boxes, on which the objects are described with drawings and words. 
Inside the show, objects retrace the domestic environment through the kitchen area, living area, bedroom, bathroom. To embody the spirit of the Milan “Fuori Salone”, “Italian Apartment” will present several events including the Disaronno sponsored opening party, at the ‘Casa-Casa’ showroom on Anfu Road on Friday November 4th with a set up by Caiola+Polga / Sir Albert & Mr.Simon, where traditional food and wines from Italy will be shared with all the guests.

Brand: Agape / Alessi / Arflex / Artemide / Binova / Casamilano / Flos / Geelli / Hollo / Kartell / Listone Giordano / Matteograssi / Magis / Technogym / Thinksimple / Tisettanta / Vimar / Rossetti wines / Beretta / Zonin / Nespresso / San Pellegrino / Frette / 10A / Fabbri / Disaronno / Ferrero / Grana Padano / Barilla

Client: 3rd Floor
Year: 2011
- 100% Design Shanghai
Photos: Copyright © Nina Chen
Copyright: © Caiola+Polga / Sir Albert & Mr. Simon - all rights reserved