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NEXT Design Perspectives

Branding, Communication, Digital

Nascent Design has been involved in the idea of creating a broad, prevalently cultural platform to reflect on the trends of the future: NEXT Design Perspectives. It has been curated with the input of Altagamma’s entrepreneurs, together with a number of architecture and design experts and the representatives of the strategic and institutional partners supporting the initiative. A conference to discover the most innovative global trends in design, creativity, innovation and their future impact on consumption, lifestyles and business models of cultural and creative enterprises. We not only created a new brand identity for NEXT but also built a strong connotated environmental branding, from printing to digital outputs, curated the whole communication before and after the event, building an impactful website coherent with its identity and so for the social media channels. The first edition of the event took place at La Triennale di Milano on the 30th of October 2018 and hosted more than 1000 visitors and 14 speakers from the most innovative international players in creativity and design in our current scenario.

Client: Altagamma
Design Copyright: project realized as a senior creative & design consultant for Nascent Design © Nascent Design - all rights reserved
Concept Copyright: © Altagamma - all rights reserved