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New York University

Environmental and Wayfinding design

NYU Lipton Hall prominently situated in NYU’s urban campus (along with the Western edge of Washington Square Park), acts as one of the University’s key freshmen dorms. Along with the reconfiguration of dorm rooms, the building received new program elements such as a commuter lounge and other student support spaces. We provided all environmental graphics and wayfinding to coordinate with the architecture.

The corner location at Mercer Street and Washington Place gives the NYU Public Safety Command Center a highly visible presence at the core of the Greenwich Village campus. The new space offers everyone in need of assistance a resource that is integrated seamlessly with officer workspaces and campus/ neighborhood surveillance capabilities. Our collaborative process between architecture and branding teams, ultimately generated a complete project that presents a professional and reassuring NYU identity.

The NYU School of Dentistry has leased four loft-type office floors at East 25th street and Lexington Avenue. The space serves primarily as office for the Dentistry faculty and their research teams, but they also house administrative staff as well as the NYU Dentistry IT department.  Each floor is designed to fit the specific needs of the intended user groups, while still maintaining a cohesive identity with each other. This identity is achieved through a distinct material palette, which includes floating wood fiber acoustic panels and environmental supergraphics.

Client: New York University
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